Printed Antique Mirrors in Millennium Hotel London (Mayfair) – SUN STUDIO .London®

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Millennium Hotel based in Mayfair, London. Antique mirrors printed by us will please you for more than 70 years in over! Yes, that is how durable our prints are. The Antique mirror is an imitation of the well know antique mirror glass, manufactured with modern production techniques such as UV Printing. To enhance the atmosphere,…

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Shawarma Grill Total Refurbishment by SUN STUDIO .London | World’s Capitals Printed On Glass

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SUN STUDIO .London have multiple teams for its disposal. The most popular one is our printing team which dedicates its time fully to provide highest quality UV prints on any surface. The second team, SUN STUDIO Construction often takes care of B2B jobs, but is also capable of changing your house into real dreamland. Nonetheless,…

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Green and Fortune Rotunda Restaurant – Private Dining Area | Laminated Glass Partition

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Glass particles can be used anywhere… …its one of the most common destinations are to be put in such framing as sliding doors or bathroom windows. As the glass particles can be laminated, it will remain its structure and shape even after receiving the “knock-out” hit, whether it is accidental or intentional. As you can…

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