“Bulletproof” Cracked Mirror Splashbacks – Ultimate Durability Wall Protector in Your Kitchen

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Bulletproof Splashbacks? - How to choose one!

If you are looking for a cracked mirror splashback and you’ve already seen some samples you could probably notice how thick is it! No wonder why many people compare it to bulletproof glass… well, it is not bulletproof but we guarantee that all of our splashbacks, whether it is a mirror or just a printed splash back - will survive in any kind of kitchen.

The toughened splashback is definitely the right choice if you have a gas hob in your kitchen. Otherwise, the annealed glass may simply crack (it is dangerous!). Many customers are deciding to risk and save £200-300, so they go for non-toughened splashback while it shouldn’t even be considered as an option, especially if you have kids.

Here at SUN STUDIO .London we are always making sure that our customers will not just leave our workshop with plenty of satisfaction, but we are also making sure that the customers will be happy for years about their mirror splashback. So keep in mind that it is not worth on saving few hundred pounds on an investment for more than 70 years, as yes - that is how durable our splashbacks are.

If you already 100% decided to go for some specific splashback (such as mirror, antique, eglomise, plain color, printed, etc), you can now consider going into shops in order to compare the quotations and to see the samples live. We know how important it is to see the splashback samples, so we let our customers take them home in order to check how is it going to work with your light, furniture, worktop and many other factors that people often forgot about.

Moreover, we encourage our customers to take as many samples as possible, and if you won’t find your dream pattern in our Wembley workshop (HA9 7RB), then we might simply do that sample for you for free!

Feel free to go through all of our kitchen splashback pictures and ask for a free interior designer consultation that is available ONLY for you if you mention this blog post!

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