Make use of package deals – Buy Worktop and Kitchen Splashback Together And Pay 33% Less

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One of the advantages of using SUN STUDIO .LONDON service is constant package deals that rotate every week. This time, we had an opportunity to serve our customer who used one of our limited offer that included an 30% discount for combined orders Kitchen Splashback and Worktop. Sophisticated prints on kitchen splashbacks are our speciality….

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SUN STUDIO .London – Home of Most Sophisticated Glassworks

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Since SUN STUDIO .London became a fully equipped glass factory, we are trying to invest as much as possible in discovering new technological solutions. There are multiple glasswork types we have distributed across the whole UK market. Our printed glass splashbacks and toughened antique mirrors have become a real phenomenon, not for just our business…

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“Bulletproof” Cracked Mirror Splashbacks – Ultimate Durability Wall Protector in Your Kitchen

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Bulletproof Splashbacks? – How to choose one! If you are looking for a cracked mirror splashback and you’ve already seen some samples you could probably notice how thick is it! No wonder why many people compare it to bulletproof glass… well, it is not bulletproof but we guarantee that all of our splashbacks, whether it…

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How to Choose Right Splashback? That Is Real Toughened Antique Mirror Splashback You Are Looking For!

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For more related products visit Antique mirror Splashbacks sold in the UK market are usually the cheap replicas which are not as reliable as its toughened, genuine alternatives. Many of our customers complain that they bought splashback from X company and it broke within the first 2-3 weeks after installation. Always make sure your…

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Modern Design Printed on a Toughened Glass Kitchen Splashback by SUN STUDIO .London

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Looking for Toughened Glass Kitchen Splashback? That is perfect, and you are in the perfect place to start your journey! Click Here and Get Discounted Quote UV printed glass splashbacks have brought SUN STUDIO .London an international recognition amongst such countries as France, Belgium, Poland, Russia and most important – The United Kingdom. We are…

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UV Printing on Splashbacks | Toughened Mirror and Mirror Lines

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With our unconventional method of UV printing, our images and designs last for over 70 years without any kind of fade or discolour in the meanwhile. All of our splashbacks are toughened or laminated (it depends on the customer’s choice). If you are looking for a family-friendly splashback solution, laminated glass splashback might be the…

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Plain Colour Glass Kitchen Splashbacks – Most recent works

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Sun Studio Kitchen splashbacks are available in a vast range of colours.  Our glass splashbacks are impact and heat resistant up to 400°C. This toughened glass is also extremely hard to scratch, unlike some cheaper acrylic alternatives. We offer splashbacks of any colour in multiple shades. Glass can be cut to any size. Every splashback…

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Gradient Glass – Printed Kitchen Splashbacks & Shower Screen

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If you always liked to play with lightning, the gradient isn’t strange for you. Current trends of interior design often involve such techniques which would be considered as a sophisticated quarter of age ago. These techniques such as previously mentioned playing with lightning, painting smaller rooms in softer, lighter colours to make a room feel…

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5 Meters Long Printed Glass Kitchen Splashback – Installed

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Remember the 5 Meters Long Printed Glass Kitchen Splash Back? Producing such an oversized piece of printed glass is risky, one simple mistake and the whole hard work fells in the darkness! This shows how perfect our glass processing is. Now we are ascertaining that every single piece of glass, even of the size of…

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SUN STUDIO .London Glass Kitchen Splashbacks – Why us

admin3686 29th June 2018 0 Comments

Do NOT Fall For Cheap, NON toughened, Easily Scratched Replicas! BUY SPLASHBACK FROM A PROVEN SOURCE There are multiple reasons why you should choose us over the competitors, one of them is the fact that the commonly known brands in the market are constantly supplied by us.. You might be curious why you did not hear about us…

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