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Make the most of your unused space with our conversion services.


Loft conversion

Loft is a room or space directly under the roof of a house or other building, used for accommodation or storage. If you are aiming to exploit a free space in a tall building, conversion may give you a home you’ve always dreamed about.

Basement conversion

Basement is often underrated location, its space might be the asylum for a lone book reader, dirty dancer or a video gamer. It might be your private place or a local social club. Let us know about your plans so we survey your basement to check the requirements.


Porch is a shingle of your house. It is the very first stage where you can impress your closest friends, with a kempt garden and well-looking porch.


Make your conservatory look festive this summer. Our construction team, will make it best to make it before your first barbeque this year


Have you dreamed about your own, private space to work around DIY ideas? Garage is great idea, tell us more and we will make it suitable for your upcoming projects.


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