How to Choose Right Splashback? That Is Real Toughened Antique Mirror Splashback You Are Looking For!

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Antique mirror Splashbacks sold in the UK market are usually the cheap replicas which are not as reliable as its toughened, genuine alternatives. Many of our customers complain that they bought splashback from X company and it broke within the first 2-3 weeks after installation.

Always make sure your antique mirror is toughened

That is the real problem, many companies simply lie to its customers and does not disclose the fact that the splashback which is going to be installed in their kitchen is going to be made of annealed glass.

Having annealed glass splashback puts you and your friends or family in real danger as it might get smashed with just one hit of a pan or a glass bottle of water and it will result with 100% sharp splinters.

All of our splashbacks are toughened unless you need it non-toughened!

You might ask why companies are doing it - the answer is simple, they do not care as they do not take the responsibility as long as the official document does not mention that the splashback bought is toughened. This is something you must take extra care of!

Also, many companies struggle to reproduce toughened antique mirror, that is why these decide to secretly offer a non-toughened one. The main reason why companies struggle in producing toughened antique mirror is toughening process which distorts the pattern and might look it way different from the expected results.

To achieve well-looking toughened antique mirror it takes years of testing and experience on what is the most efficient production process. We have invested tens of thousands of pounds in order to discover the right way of making the toughened antique mirror, and here it is!

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