Kitchen Splashback – Transform an Ordinary Kitchen Into an Extraordinary Space

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A well-designed splashback can transform an ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary space in your new home.

What should you look for when designing your kitchen? Functionality rules of course, but the look and feel of the kitchen is just as important. As the hub of the home, there is good reason to design an original space that reflects your personality, stage in life and lifestyle. Glass kitchen splashback is one way to make a style statement in your kitchen.

Things to consider:
What is the overall style of your kitchen? Is it minimalist? French country? Coastal chic? Your choice of splashback should reflect and complement your kitchen’s style and colour scheme.
Do you want your splashback to be a feature with wow-factor? Or do you want something understated? Choosing a colour or texture that contrasts with the rest of your kitchen will draw the eye away from other features.

If you want a glass splashback in white or the same colour as your kitchen, you could add subtle personality by choosing a geometric shape, or by laying a classic subway glass in a new pattern such as herringbone. Textured or 3D are another way to add interest.

White is a neutral tone that we associate with simplicity, cleanliness, and minimalist chic. An all-white or mostly white colour scheme is a versatile approach to create rooms with modern or classic looks.

Splashback can be a beautiful way to add interest to an otherwise monochromatic kitchen. If you want a seamless, minimalist finish then choose splashback in a colour that matches your kitchen.

Choosing a splashback can seem like an insignificant decision in the planning of your new home, but getting it right can bring personality and style to your kitchen, and bring together the design of your whole space.

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