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How To Earn More Money On Your Glass Business:

  1. Start offering your customers GLASS with ARTWORKS

  2. PICK the available designs here or on any other stock pictures database (We have an account on each one + graphic designer)

  3. Bring the glass to US (HA9 7RB)

  4. We apply the chosen design DIRECTLY on the glass in 2-5 days.

  5. PROFIT - Charge your customer more than before with a low-risk investment

Our rates are the lowest and can be checked immediately on our phone line 020 3870 4399. Robert - Our consultant will provide you with all of the necessary information.

Do you know what prevents your business progress?

-We do, it is lack of innovating products in your offer. Printed glass and mirrors are ones of these.

You might ask - "How does it differ from vinyl or other stickers?"
The answer isn't simple as there are multiple reasons to choose UV printing

  • Waterproof and durable for outdoor use

  • UV inks are more environmentally friendly

  • Permanent Adhesion

  • Non-vulnerable to fading

  • Can print any design or pattern (ex. marble/wood, acrylic) 1:1

  • 2-5 days lead time (SUN STUDIO Exclusive in the UK)

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