Make use of package deals – Buy Worktop and Kitchen Splashback Together And Pay 33% Less

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One of the advantages of using SUN STUDIO .LONDON service is constant package deals that rotate every week. This time, we had an opportunity to serve our customer who used one of our limited offer that included an 30% discount for combined orders Kitchen Splashback and Worktop.


Sophisticated prints on kitchen splashbacks are our speciality. This beautiful 7 meters wide, t-shaped splashback has been fitted after careful laser measurement technique that let us cut the holes for a socket with the margin of less than 0,6mm - It is probably the least margin available in the United Kingdom, that is why our kitchen splashback fit into the interior design so well

Kitchen splashback can be matched not just to the custom kitchen design... We may even print the sockets this way, so it matches the socket perfectly. It is an especially good solution if you are looking for a plain colour or printed splashback.

The bespoke worktops visible on pictures above have been made to measure. All of its elements are made of toughened glass which will never produce sharp splinters as in case of annealed glass. Worktops may also be laminated, to preserve the general shape even after the strong impact of energy.


Buying both, kitchen splashback and worktop, you have an amazing opportunity to save over 33% on combined order. Call us now, request quote or a survey so you can realise how good are our prices in comparison to the competitors!

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