Curved Glass Balustrades

SUN STUDIO.London curved glass balustrade systems are a beautiful and stylish addition to any project

Can be specified for a wide range of Balustrades:

  • Internal or external glass balustrades
  • Use for staircases, balconies and around voids – or any situation where there is a change in level and a barrier is required
  • Curved glass balustrades can be supplied with or without a handrail (including a handrail will affect the glass specification)
  • Glass balustrades can be fitted to spiral staircases – our technicians will discuss and advise on suitability, especially if a complex radius is required
  • Choose a wholly frameless structural finish or a system that involves posts and visible fixings

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Available with coloured and printed glass

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Curved balistrade
courved balustrade

Looking for bespoke curved balustrade?


each project is made to the exact radius required for that job, and we can curve balustrades to an array of radii. There are however minimum radii which we consider the lower limit. That limit would be 1500mm (1.5 metres) to the inside of the handrail.

Anything with a smaller (tighter) radius than that we will tend to reject. It is not that it is impossible to make smaller radii, however with going tighter on the radius come other issues. The reasons we do not like to deal with smaller radii are:

  1. The glass becomes a lot more problematic on smaller radii. The glass will always have a bit of a straight edge, so the smaller the radius the more the straight edge becomes a problem when installing.
  2. The other is usually small radii are much more difficult to bend and will have a larger distortion factor. The results will not be as good as larger radii. We are happy to look at any enquiry that does require smaller bends and evaluate the job itself.

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Bespoke Curved Glass Balustrades

Any Design

Our graphic designers will make sure that we will translate your vision onto the balustrade of your choice.

Any Colour 

Our balustrades might be built in any way. What you spot on the pictures are just the beginning of our offer.

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With our trade scheme, you are able to save more than 33% of the bespoke shower enclosure order.

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The UK sourced glass is our core foundation for creating the beautiful products that our glass enclosures are.

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Our advisors will make sure your experience with SUN STUDIO .London will be as outstanding as the products we make.

Tailored Flexibility

We work according to your schedule. Our lead times are the most flexible in the current UK glass and construction market.

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