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Metal Balustrades

Balustrades were designed for safety in mind and to prevent people from falling off balconies, porches and stairways. Over the last few years metal balustrades have become extremely popular for both  homes and offices. Metal balustrades have always been renowned for being very appealing due to the stylish looks quality.

A metal balustrade for stairs in your house or office will make a massive difference to the look and gives a personal touch of class. Here at Sun Studio London we offer completely customised design service and we can help you with each and every detail. For an exclusive appearance and make the atmosphere more comfortable, some people prefer the classical, colonial and designer balustrades. They may also choose thicker, hand carved and more baluster styles to give a more rejuvenated feeling of awe.

As with any home improvement safety is of paramount importance when you get a metal balustrade installed. We recommend not to just go for the cheapest installation price you can get. Safety and precaution are paramount and with your glass stair balustrade installation it is vitally important to know that you are buying one that meets all safety regulations. 


Use form visible below in order to enquiry about metal balustrades. We will get back to you straight away in order to provide you with all of the necessary information that you should possess. Moreover we will assign you with our personal shopping assistant and graphic designer who will make sure that your idea is perfectly translated into our technical specification.


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