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Spiral Balustrades

Are you looking to upgrade your old balustrade for a nice new modern spiral balustrade one? Often more than not we think of metal balustrades and glass balustrades as the perfect choice. At Sun Studio London we have years of experience in helping our customers create their ideal bespoke balustrades. 

Spiral balustrades, especially in modern homes are now considered a decorative piece of artwork and gives the house a modern stylish appearance. Spiral balustrades not only look great due to their clean lines and stylish finishes, they also are a great investment in adding value to your home. 


Choosing the right type of materials and frames are very important thing that you need to consider when considering a spiral balustrade. If you use the internet then getting hold of the right supplier will not be a big problem for you. Regarding pricing if you opt for the higher priced triple-A-rated glass it will generally guarantee not to scratch or leave marks. However should you decide to go for a more budget option then you will still get a very classy look at a very good price. A framed spiral glass balustrade is the only way to go!.


We can help you choose the perfect handrail, glass type and general style that you wish for. Simply send us your details and we will be more than happy to arrange a no-obligation free quote for you.


Use form visible below in order to enquiry about spiral balustrades. We will get back to you straight away in order to provide you with all of the necessary information that you should possess. Moreover we will assign you with our personal shopping assistant and graphic designer who will make sure that your idea is perfectly translated into our technical specification.


Contact us in order to book Saturday's visit to our Wembley workshop or to get a written quote. Please keep in mind to list as many details as possible. If you wish to just get a callback, specify which hours are suitable for you.

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