Top 5 Reasons to Make Staircase Backlit

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Recently we have completed our RGB Backlit Stairs, on this occasion we have prepared a list of Top 5 Reasons to Make Stairs Backlit.

We do it as a company for our dear retail and trade customers, but there is also the possibility to do it by yourself (DIY).


Sophisticated look

There is nothing more eye-catching in interior design than backlit stairs or kitchen splashback. One of the main features that this kind of solution brings is a fabulous first-time experience, imagine charming your guests or visitors with a colour changing stairway. Isn't it something that you or your partner wants, especially on evening parties?

Eco-friendly Source of Additional Light

Backlit stairs do not just look shiny and clean. It is an additional source of light, you may easily connect the backlit stairs to photovoltaic panels to save energy, even if you can not afford photovoltaic panels, it is not a problem, as backlit stairways we implement is having the lowest LED, energy-saving bulbs.


Any kind of backlit solution, if mounted properly, should be able to generate wonderful atmosphere with RGB colour palette. Saturday's evening parties with dark blue stairs? Amazing... If you have stairways in the garden, that is even better.

 Moreover, switching colour of the garden lights with a remote, while swimming in the pool? Yep, that is actually possible, our remotes are waterproof as well.


Safe Flexibility

Our backlit panels for stairs, doors, and doorsteps can be mounted everywhere, it is obviously waterproof so there is no possibility of health injury caused by being electrocuted. Glass that covers RGB panels is toughened, so in case one of your guests will break it, there is completely no chance of getting injured.

And who said that party suitable houses can't be family friendly?



Our RGB backlit panels that we use are generally one of the cheapest ones in the market, and yes, it still maintains the highest possible quality that can be achieved with this kind of bulbs.

The minimal price for this kind of product does not exist, we tailor our services this way so everyone can try high-end luxury solutions.

Now imagine, how much money you would have to spend to make this kind of impression of your guests with method different than backlit things?

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