Shawarma Grill Total Refurbishment by SUN STUDIO .London | World’s Capitals Printed On Glass

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SUN STUDIO .London have multiple teams for its disposal. The most popular one is our printing team which dedicates its time fully to provide highest quality UV prints on any surface. The second team, SUN STUDIO Construction often takes care of B2B jobs, but is also capable of changing your house into real dreamland.

Nonetheless, it works best when all of the teams cooperate with each other. This is our (no-longer) secret why our end-to-end construction site management does so well and gets such amazing reviews from the biggest brands in the United Kingdom and global.

This time we had an opportunity to refurbish one of the tastiest shawarma restaurants we've ever been in!

We have a decade of experience in working with the restaurants, we always make sure that the final result will meet health & safety requirements. All of the materials and products we use comply with rigid fire rules. The construction team took care of the general restaurant refurbishment, and gave the second life to the eating tables which now look, and feel like a brand new.

On the contrary, SUN STUDIO .London, the UV printing team took care of creating huge, oversized printed panel. This wall decoration, has been done fully by us and the design is the choice of main contractor - Shawarma Grill. Printed panel contains 28 pictures which shows iconic places of multiple countries.

Now, wherever you from, you will feel like its your home at Shawarma Grill. The refurbishment in general took not much time, but it went so well thanks to the great effort of both of our teams and cooperation with Shawarma Grill owners.

If you are willing to refurbish your restaurant and put another life into your place. Contact us for trade quote by clicking the button below or call us at 020 3870 4399

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