SUN® Exclusive Patterns

SUN STUDIO .London offers high variety of exclusive samples that are not available within the standards of any european competitors. Our out-competing designs list is being updated on a weekly basis.

Cloudy Grey
Watercolour Spots
Solertia Sonata
Liquid Marble 3
Punti Marini
Aged Mist 1
Liquid Marble 2
Lux Antiqua Blue
Liquid Marble 1
Antiq Bricks
Svajar 2
Lux Antiqua Grey
Thaney Leaves
Aged Mist 2B
Rosa Folium

Blu Patterns Collection

There are many variations of Blu patterns. Cloudly Grey mirror's use of a turbulent cloud patterns in tandem with its high Luminosity silver backing in this pattern creates the optical illusion of the Typical London sky. Antiq Bricks is high quality brick artwork backed with silver, retaining the genuine brick pattern experience as well as providing a bit of utility with the mirror backing. 

The Lux antiqua Blue mirror is designed to specifically capitalise on the overall large surface area of the exposed blue silver allowing it to define the mood of the rooms its placed in based solely on the reflection it casts.

Classé patterns

Aged Mist is an Antique mirror modeled after common mist patterns found on northern frigid windows, It gives the mirror a refined and genuine antique feeling. Aged Mist 2 is more aggressive approach to the mist theme sees this pattern feature far darker and more prominent spots predominantly featured along the edges, while leaving the centre portions less busy this way creating a natural frame for itself.

Fav is an Elegant entry level antique mirror featuring a very light pattern allowing lots of mirror area to be viewed. Capulus is an effective use of larger and smaller spots in tangent has allowed us to create a trully bespoke design guaranted to provide a unique expereince for every individual 

Proud is an exclusive mirror features a very simplistic pattern featuring a range of randomly

Touch of Nature patterns

Liquid Marble is an innovative new approach to Antique Mirrors The swirls vibrant colours attract the eye immiediatly making this a perfect solution for anyone suffering from Dull mirrors. Liquid Marble 2 a variation on the original liquid marble pattern, this pattern features more of a monochrome pallet while still retaining its defining gold outlines

Liquid Marble 3 a variation on the original Liquid marble mirror, This pattern features very heavy use Blue colour and various shades of blue tinge in order to achieve the optical illusion of sea foam the gold and silver colour highlight the overall shape and definition

Web Patterns

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