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Since SUN STUDIO .London became a fully equipped glass factory, we are trying to invest as much as possible in discovering new technological solutions.

There are multiple glasswork types we have distributed across the whole UK market.

Our printed glass splashbacks and toughened antique mirrors have become a real phenomenon, not for just our business customers, but mostly for retail shops, we cooperate with.



New line of exclusive glass products coming concurrently

We are working on multiple types of glass splashbacks that were not possible to be toughened such as rose gold antique mirror splashback. Possibly, we will be the first REAL toughened rose gold antique mirror supplier in Europe by mid-2019.

What we are working on right now are samples of an antique mirror that look just like its handmade. Possibility to do the 1:1 handmade quality glass product with machinery, will cut the prices of our antique mirrors even more.

You can see the samples of various mirrors and printed glass patterns. We are producing over 50 samples a day, and in case you need it to plan your interior design or to show your customer (trust us, it makes selling way easier), we will prepare a special, bespoke sample box right to match your requirements.

Just give us a call at 020 3870 4399

If you need help with more complex product, that includes multiple various glass panels or some sophisticated prints on mirrors - feel free to give us a call on 020 3870 4399 or send us an email at

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