Wondering where you can find Toughened Shower Screens & Balustrades – Available with your OWN design?

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Here at SUN STUDIO .London we can meet any requirements. Our creative designers around the whole world are hammering away to provide us the greatest craftmanship of a genius.

Definitely kitchen splashbacks, balustrades, worktops and shower screens are responsible for majority of our inbound orders, although it is not everything we have to offer to our customers.

To see our full offer, click on this link and let the left-hand side menu guide you through all of our projects.

We must say that we still have a crush on our older projects that we’ve done three years ago, it has some kind of inner magic, isn’t it?

Some of the left-over samples coming from beautiful shopfronts, wall arts and wedding decorations we did in the past are still keeping the special place in our workshop. 

First and foremost, our mirrors are something special

Our mirrors might be as special as unique you are!

The mirrors can be printed with any kind of pattern, whether you need it for your business (Logo printed on a mirror), for your valentine (gold leaf handmade pocket/makeup mirror) or just as a decoration for your living room. With us, you can release your life-gathered inspiration and transfer it directly onto the mirror or any other surface.

Check how others have done it:

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