SUN STUDIO MIRRORS #3 – Antique mirrors; Blue, Silver, Grey, Bronze Pewter, Valencia, Milano, Palazzo, Nimbus Clear Antique Mirrors.

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In another episode of our mirror cycle, we present a wide variety of our antique mirrors offer. Our antique mirrors are made of UK glass and can be modified in any way.

  • Antique Silver Mirror
  • Antique Blue Mirror
  • Blue Printed Antique Mirror
  • Grey Antique Mirror
  • Grey Printed Antique Mirror
  • Blue Antique Mirror
  • Milano Antique Mirror
  • Nimbus Clear Antique Mirror
  • Palazzo Blue Antique Mirror
  • Pewter Antique Mirror
  • Printed Antique Bronze Mirror
  • Printed Antique Silver Mirror
  • Valencia Antique Mirror

This extensive list of antique mirrors is available in 14 days after confirming the orders.

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All of our antique mirrors are sought-after by the customers, this way we’ve decided to increase the possible variations of the mirrors in our offer. Mirrors we do in SUN STUDIO .London, in any colour can be simply used as a splashback, shower screen or just a wall art mirror decoration.

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