SUN STUDIO MIRRORS #5 – Liquid Mirrors; Liquid Bronze, Liquid Gray, Liquid Green, Liquid Blue, Liquid Silver

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SUN STUDIO MIRRORS #5 – Liquid Mirrors

 No, this mirror glass splashback isn't wet... its liquid!
No, this mirror glass splashback isn’t wet… its liquid!

Liquid mirrors with the 3D effect? Yes, it is possible, and the one above isn’t just a painted or UV printed mirror. It is neither backlit, can be, but we will move on this later! If you are interested in other types of toughened mirrors, you can simply move here

 Liquid inside might be injected in any colour.
Liquid inside might be injected in any colour.

Our bespoke liquid mirrors can be done in any shape, design or size. 

  • Blue Liquid Mirror

  • Bronze Liquid Mirror

  • Grey Liquid Mirror

  • Green Liquid Mirror

  • Silver Liquid Mirror

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Liquid Mirrors we do in SUN STUDIO .London, can be simply utilised on a splashback, shower screen or just a wall art mirror decoration. If you’d like to learn more about the details, and even visit our glass factory in North Wembley (ha9 7rb), give us a call and we will show you how do the glass production process look like. 

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