Green and Fortune Rotunda Restaurant – Private Dining Area | Laminated Glass Partition

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Glass particles can be used anywhere…

…its one of the most common destinations are to be put in such framing as sliding doors or bathroom windows. As the glass particles can be laminated, it will remain its structure and shape even after receiving the “knock-out” hit, whether it is accidental or intentional.

As you can see from the close-up, the laminated glass has been printed in lines to reduce the visibility from the outer side of the private dining area. This UV printing has one major advantage that you could notice here on the pictures above or on the footage below, more precisely, printed laminated glass particles lines density can be adjusted

…which means it is possible to make the glass not just look nice, but also to control of what percentage of light should go through.

Whether you are looking to create such a private dining area in your restaurant, or you’d like to make some of your space a little bit more private in your home, we are keen to recommend our UV printed laminated glass particles. We are able to put any pattern/texture on laminated glass.

Most of our customers are using shutter stock to choose the design (we have an account there), but we would also like to recommend our printed glass catalogue where you can find a huge amount of printed glass designs:

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