We have moved offices to:

Unit 1 Heron Trading Estate Alliance Road Acton London W3 0RA


COVID-19 Information


As per the latest governmental “Guidance Further businesses and premises to close guidance” available on www.GOV.UK we remain partly operational to the best of our ability until instructed otherwise.

We are convinced it is our duty to continue essential works, support our partners, buy from our suppliers and pay our wages.

Please be prepared for minor delays and complications due to obvious reasons.

Rest assured we are strictly following all published anti-virus recommendation including social distancing, hygiene and working in isolation where possible


Research & Development

Did you know that we spend over 10% of our revenue on R&D?

Our research & development team is made of the glass and stone experts that have over 130 years of experience altogether. Our labs are aiming to make the most sophisticated patterns reproducible on a mass scale.

Our experimental patterns and products are still available for public, yet due to the high demand, we have to be constantly on duty to keep it in stock.

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