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Terms of service & quality tolerances

We strive to satisfy and exceed every client's expectations, however due to some technological and commercial logic limitations we need to set these expectations at realistically achievable level. Below are the terms and tolerances, which we consider accepted by every client/partner should he choose to work with us. If you are not happy with anything on this page, please discuss before placing your order and making your payment. Any deliverables outside of these terms should be confirmed in writing, otherwise we reserve the right to decline any related claims.



  1. All inspections shall be made before collection or immediately after delivery if delivered by SUN STUDIO .London. All goods are considered accepted, on collection or immediately after delivery. Any quality and quantity issues should be discussed before goods have left SUN STUDIO premises or vehicles.
  2. SUN STUDIO .London shall ensure reasonable inspection conditions (as    described below) if goods are collected and client shall ensure presence of authorised person and reasonable inspection conditions if goods are delivered.
  3. All inspections shall be made by a person with normal eyesight (corrected if necessary) under normal room-brightness.
  4. For general applications quality inspection is routinely carried out by visual observation, that is looking at the surface in the plane of the sheet at normal incidence (i.e. at 90 degrees to the surface). The material shall be viewed from a distance of not less than 2 metres away or 3m away if material is toughened or laminated glass; where it is not possible to stand at the right distance, stand as far away as possible from the surface.
  5. Inspection of the internal applications products should be carried out under normal diffuse background lighting conditions, with illumination as usual and   appropriate for the specific room (e.g. no spot lights), viewed at a right angle to the surface.
  6. Inspection of external applications products should take place in natural daylight but not directly towards the sun and with no visible moisture on the surface of the product.
  7. The use of strong lamps and/or magnifying devices is not allowed. It is not permissible to find defects at close range and then mark them so as to be visible from the given viewing distance.
  8. All checks must be carried out before any bonding to a substrate or structure or rendering, plastering and/or other works adjacent to the installation or modifications not carried out by SUN STUDIO .London.
  9. We are putting our best effort to make sure all our products are fit for purpose. However, SUN is not an architectural or structural engineering practice so please consult your Architect or Structural Engineer to make sure the specifications and design satisfies building regulations and your requirements for particular intended use. Regardless we are happy to offer friendly advice based on our experience and all available references to relevant regulation documents.



  1. Fine scratches and and defects that are not visible to the naked eye at a minimum distance of 2000mm (3000mm if toughened or laminated glass) will be acceptable, unless it is at eye level (as defined in above) in which case scratches that are not visible to the naked eye in natural daylight at a viewing distance of 1500mm shall be acceptable.
  2. Surface Defects (seeds, bubbles, spots, linear faults etc.) Any scar or visible faults on the surface glass visible from 3 metres are not allowed. A single individual fine scratch up to 15 mm long is permissible and the sum of individual fine scratches up to a maximum of 45 mm. (As per BS EN 572). *For extra processed glass such as printed, UV bonded, fixed, screwed, laminated etc, tolerances for minor scratches and imperfections are increased. Those not visible from 4 meters under normal viewing angle (usually 90 degrees) will not be considered outside the tolerance. Minor defects in glass or coatings or prints or lamination in areas around fixings and near corners are considered within the tolerances.
  3. It will be acceptable for the product to be touched up if there is coating missing so long as it is not visible to the naked eye from a distance of 2000mm (3000mm if toughened or laminated) and it does not fall at eye level.
  4. It will be acceptable for there to be a small visible join/indentation on cut-outs created with the water-jet machine where the 2 ends of a cut-out meet, this will be acceptable up to a depth of 2mm.
  5. Toughened or laminated glass and especially mirror may show visual distortion which is accentuated by reflections and/or a few more blemishes due to the nature of the manufacturing processes.
  6. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing with the Customer we will manufacture all products in accordance with our own specifications against which our own quality control checks will be applied and the Customer accepts that the principle of sensible tolerance, +/- 2mm, will be applied to judgments as to quality standards. Acceptance of these Terms & Conditions confirm that Customer accepts this principle of sensible tolerance, +/- 2mm.



  1. Please keep in mind that colours on different screens and different materials will look different, we will do our best to achieve most close match possible, however this cannot be guaranteed.
  2. If your are very particular about certain colours please request sample on the material of your choice. Charges may be applied, subject to job size.
  3. Samples provide rather close, but not 100% indication of the finished product as colour depends on multiple factors some of which outside our control. (like temperature, different ink batches, humidity, atmospheric pressure etc). Samples provided to a Customer are for illustrative purposes only. We cannot guarantee an exact replication for any item supplied, we offer a ‘good match’. You should be aware that in situ natural light can affect material colour perception, especially with large expanses of material particularly in the lighter finishes and this can in some circumstances accentuate the inherent colour of the base material.
  4. Large percentages of our jobs are matching clients’ samples and interior details. Colour matching to the samples is chargeable service and even thought we are usually rather precise; 100% match can not be guaranteed.
  5. Our usual precision on continuous images printed over several pieces of material is 1-2 mm, however up to 5 mm mismatch won't be considered as defect.
  6. Printing imperfections such as dusting, white dots, minor scratches aren't considered as defects if not visible from normal viewing distance as described in 'inspections' section.
  7. Slight colour variations on every new ink batch are possible, so please try to keep jobs, where colour shades are particularly important in one order or at least make us aware that similar colour job is possible in future so that we record the settings and other parameters to ensure best possible consistency.
  8. For consistency of material appearance throughout a project any initial order must include the total sqm and description for the whole project to enable the Company to order sufficient material from a single batch. Where replacement or additional material is required subsequent to the original project having been manufactured the client acknowledges that some visual variation may be apparent by reason of industry deviations
  9. The print file scale tolerance is up to 11.3% as we might need to stretch/shrink the image to fit the substrate.



  1. We require 100% upfront payment on all our jobs unless alternative terms confirmed in writing.
  2. Minimal print charge area is 1sqm, minimal substrate/glass charge area is 0.25-1sqm subject to material type. Price for each piece to be rounded up to the nearest integer number.
  3. All goods remain property of SUN STUDIO .London until 100% balance is cleared on our account.
  4. In case partial payment agreed, where goods are not collected or accepted for delivery within 14 days of the original collection/delivery date SUN STUDIO .London will issue an invoice for the full amount owing based on agreed payment terms.
  5. All payments to be cleared 100% upfront or if agreed by SUN in writing on completion , before we leave your installation site the latest.
  6. When goods are collected on a supply only basis:

where instructed we will take reasonable care to ensure the goods are suitably packed but it is the carriers responsibility to check this is suitable for their method of transportation.

SUN STUDIO .London accepts no responsibility for damages to the materials from the time of collection.

SUN STUDIO .London retains such rights as are afforded by law to remove any product delivered or installed if the Customer fails to make a payment according to agreed terms. Whilst the Company will endeavour to avoid consequential damage occasioned by any such removal it will not be liable for any remedial or repair works resulting therefrom

Where a client receives goods late or where goods are found to be incorrectly manufactured SUN STUDIO .London reserves the right to rectify the situation with remedial action of its own choosing for which the client will be obliged to pay the full quoted price.

Where remedial works are required we will not be responsible for the works or costs involved in the removal and reinstatement of utilities necessary for the remedial works to take place.

  1. We will charge 14% interest rate per month on late payments.
  2. All quotations, estimates and invoices are subject to change as per final specs and samples approved. Final price may be adjusted in case quoted, estimated or invoiced specs, quantities and scopes appeared to be different after survey, due to misinterpretation, new instructions or any other reason.



  1. SUN STUDIO .London doesn't accept any responsibility for the copyright of the artworks printed.
  2. We assume our clients have obtained all necessary copyrights for the artworks provided.
  3. Bespoke artworks can be produced by SUN STUDIO. London and copyrights passed onto the client if required.



  1. Quotations are issued based upon the information provided by the Customer. Prices are subject to adjustment based on final survey/detail and specifications.
  2. When preparing a quotation we make every effort to include all elements however we accept no responsibility for information supplied by or to the Customer that is incorrect or limited.
  3. All quotations are ex works and ex VAT unless otherwise specified.
  4. A quotation expires after 30-days from the date specified unless previously withdrawn
  5. Where delivery is part of the agreed contract price, the date for delivery specified by SUN STUDIO .London is an estimate only and the Company is not liable for delay. We reserve the right to make partial shipments of which the Customer is obliged to accept delivery and responsibility for payment of all products so delivered. A delayed delivery of any part of an Order does not entitle the Customer to cancel or repudiate any other delivery or to refuse payment. Unless otherwise agreed in writing delivery implies to curbside. SUN STUDIO .London deliveries are normally delivered by a single operative, whilst our driver will try to accommodate requests for assistance to unload the glass beyond curbside this cannot be guaranteed.
  6. Where a price for templating and/or fixing is included in the quotation the price is based on the following assumptions:

For templating: the site will be fully ready for templating to be carried out during a single site visit; should this prove not to be the case and one or more subsequent templating visit(s) are required the company has the right to make further charges not to exceed the added cost occasioned.

For fixing: that clear, reasonable and safe access is provided and that relevant surfaces are fully ready for fixing (sound and level etc); should this prove not to be the case and one or more subsequent fixing visit(s) are

required the Company has the right to make further charges not to exceed the added cost occasioned.

The responsibility for disconnecting, removing reconnecting, reinstalling any services or appliances lies

exclusively with the Customer, unless otherwise agreed.

○ Where operatives of the Company are unable to carry out template or install work as agreed because the site is not ready or available to us, we will add an aborted visit charge to the job cost and the Customer is obliged to accept this charge.

  1. Where SUN STUDIO .London is required to supply hardware for installations it will endeavour to meet the Customer’s requirements but reserves the right to supply items of similar design and finish where the original items are no longer a available and /or where the price point has increased beyond that budgeted.
  2. Where SUN STUDIO .London is responsible for filling the glass joints we will use either clear or white silicon as we deem suitable. Any request for an alternative colour must be agreed with the office in advance of our attendance at site, there will be an additional charge for other colours.
  3. We will endeavour to meet agreed time-lines, but where this is not possible it will not be liable for any contra charges, consequential losses or any other costs that might be incurred by the Customer unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance.
  4. Exact delivery/installation times are never guaranteed, only estimated, SUN STUDIO .London will not be liable for any contra charges, consequential losses or any other costs that might be incurred by the Customer due to possible delays etc.



  1. Please ensure that the number of pieces is accurate and splits are as you want them, if there are any additional pieces needed please let make sure they are noted on this survey sheet (exact measurements are taken by SUN).
  2. Please ensure that the number of sockets and notches is accurate and that they are of the correct type (double, single, switch board etc. – exact positions are taken by SUN)
  3. Please ensure that the layout of the glass is as per your kitchen, we use the layout for visualizations and previews.
  4. Please ensure the number of drilled holes and approx. positions is accurate as per your requirements (this is most relevant to balustrades, extractor cut outs and showers – exact positions are measure by SUN)

If there is any specific material or type/colour ironmongery, sealant colour you would like to have please make sure its been noted with the fitters in their note section (clamps, hand rails etc.)

  1. Please note that due to glass production tolerances and painting/printing limitation slight variations from drawings and colours might occur.
  2. We are putting our best effort to make sure all our products are fit for purpose. However, SUN is not an architectural or structural engineering practice so please consult your Architect or Structural Engineer to make sure the specifications and design satisfies building regulations and your requirements for particular intended use. Regardless we are happy to offer friendly advice based on our experience and all available references to relevant regulation documents.



If printing ordered for backlit panels please make us aware in advance, as different printing settings and more careful quality control required in these cases. Minor imperfections could be much more visible on backlit materials, so samples approval is highly recommended. We won't be able to accept responsibly for print imperfections if they are not visible with our back-lighting, but are visible with clients back-lighting equipment.  So provision of exactly the intended for use lighting equipment is highly recommended on these jobs.



We will always do our best to handle customer’s own materials with utmost care, however, printing and any other processing of customer own material is always at customers own risk. It’s customers responsibility to check quality and defects before and after handover. SUN STUDIO will not accept any responsibility for any defects or damage of customer own material.



Below are our usual lead times, however not guaranteed lead time.


  1. We do our best to deliver all orders at earliest possible. 90% of UV printing only jobs are ready for collection within 3 days. However, this cannot be guaranteed as sometimes we depend on our suppliers and other factors.
  2. Surveys: 3-7 days’ notice, subject to the current workload.
  3. Toughened Glass as per specs and sizes : 7-14 days (on average 7).
  4. Non-toughened glass as per specs and sizes: 3-7 days (on average 5).
  5. UV printing: 3-5 days, subject to artwork approvals and extra design works if required.
  6. Lamination: 4-7 days, subject to complexity. (on average 5)
  7. Design and retouch: 2-3 days.
  8. Installations: 3-4 days’ notice, subject to complexity.


Please also note that we only start from day of payment and any deposits are non refundable.




Please always check your estimate carefully, make sure everything is in accordance with your specs. If sockets, delivery, holes, shapes. Installations, outside M25 surcharge or any other extras are not mentioned is not included. We do our best to be precise with all prices, however estimates are still subject to final measurements, specs, access and site working requirements. Only two visualizations/previews are included in price with every order, please contact our sales team if you require extra graphic works.

By placing this order you agree to our terms, conditions and quality tolerances.

All payments in respective currencies made to:

Metro Bank GBP:

Account 18558793 

Sort 23-05-80

with respective estimate number (found below)

We do our best to deliver all orders at earliest possible. However, lead times are not guaranteed. Pieces over 3000x2000 assumed split unless stated otherwise. Colours might vary from samples and previews.

All payments to be cleared 100% upfront or if agreed by SUN in writing on completion, before we leave your installation site the latest.         

Deposits and prepayments are non-refundable.


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