Bespoke Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are always complex and unique glassworks. Besides being a design feature, they also provide a tough barrier. You can discuss your project with our highly experienced team and choose from different thicknesses ranging from 6-21.5mm, sizes up to 6000mm and print any design on it.

Our Toughened & Laminated Glass complies with British Standard Regulations.

We offer special terms for constructors, resellers and other commercial customers.

Extra discount on glass package

Available printed, frameless, on bolts or posts

Up to 30% OFF or FREE Survey for any 2 Glass Products

Frinted balustrade on bolts

Looking for bespoke glass balustrades?


Here at SUN STUDIO .London we provide the most advanced glass solutions for the most exacting specifications. Whether you are looking for clear, privacy or even gradient privacy balustrades we are able to provide it.

You can choose from a variety of glass balustrades whether frameless, on bolts or posts. Our glass balustrades can be opaque, gradient opaque or opal gradient.

If you are looking for a bespoke or floral pattern on the balustrade, there is no better choice than us.

~Davit Tumanyan, Managing Director of SUN STUDIO

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Bespoke Glass Balustrades


Our frameless glass balustrades are a perfect solution for safety without compromising a view of the landscape.

On Bolts

On bolts, glass balustrades work great if your aim is to build Juliet balcony or any other constructions.

On Posts

On post, glass balustrades are a perfect solution for fencing or glass staircase railings. We can help you make the right choice

Any Design

Our graphic designers will make sure that we will translate your vision onto the glass balustrade of your choice.

Any Fixings

Our glass balustrades can be not only frameless, on bolts or posts. We can use any fixings globally available.

Trade Prices

With our trade scheme, you are able to save more than 35% of the average glass balustrade order.

Frameless Glass Balustrades

Glass Balustrades on Bolts

Glass Balustrades on Posts

Get up to 30% off or free survey when you order any 2 glass products.

Outcompeting Quality

The UK sourced glass is our core foundation for creating the beautiful products that our glass balustrades are.

Award Winning Service

Our advisors will make sure your experience with SUN STUDIO .London will be as outstanding as the products we make.

Tailored Flexibility

We work according to your schedule. Our lead times are the most flexible in the current UK glass market.

Your chance for quality congruent to your lifestyle

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